Romantic Beach Scenes by Augustus 

Fine Oil Paintings With a Touch of Romance

"The Flirty Thirties"

Oil on wood panel. 56" x 26 1/2" x 6"


This painting is a 3-D and creates an optical illusion. When one stands in front of the picture about five feet back and moves just a few inches to the right or left, it appears the cabanas start to turn and the people start to move.

The fifth picture of the set features a retro scene of people dressed in authentic versions of 1930's-era bathing suits. Six women and four men are shown playing volleyball. The men are holding the volleyballs while the women are trying to to get the most out of what they consider the charm and allure of their seaside attire.

This Annual Judged Exhibit  took place in Brentwood, Ca. 

 in 2012.

Video demonstrates the 3-D optical illusion.